TOMORROW is the last day for getting pledges in for our 1st ever, and VERY SUCCESSFUL West Patent FUN RUN!

WPESA cannot thank the teachers and staff enough for all of their hard work over the past two weeks.  Your children all enjoyed watching the MindSpark Wild West Videos each day and defeating Bully Malone and his gang who wanted to wipe out character across the land!  The had fun listening to the daily updates from the teachers and silly announcements.  They were so excited to learn that they exceeded the $6,000 challenge and Mrs. Brewster agreed to dye her hair, but, most of all, they all really seemed to be having a blast DURING the Fun Run!!

We are blown away by the response and funds brought in, and are so excited for tomorrow's BIG announcement...stay tuned!!!

Please get in any last pledges you have, and enjoy a few pics from the past week's fun!!!  Check out all 700+ herePICTURES

Thank you!!

~WPESA Steering Committee