Can the store track the inventory of an item?

The store does have limited inventory management. This is most often used for the number of tickets available for a fundraiser, or to a movie night, etc.

But it can also be used to track inventory of physical items, albeit on a limited basis.

When you create/update a product, you can indicate the number of items available.

You can use this field to ensure only a limited number of this product will be sold.

If you leave that field blank, the users can continue to purchase this product until you remove it from the store using the availability dates.

When you place a number greater than 0 in the inventory field, it will be decremented with each completed purchase of this product, until it reaches 0.
When the value in the field is 0, the product will be marked as “Sold Out” and no further purchases will be allowed.
When a user places a product in their cart, the quantity of the product they ordered will be removed from the number available to purchase. In essence, they will “reserve” that number, and they have 5 minutes to complete the purchase before their quantity is returned to the number available.

When the number of items available falls below 10, a message will begin to appear indicating the number remaining

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