How do I manually add students to the system?

Students are added from their classroom/homeroom.

Follow these steps to add a student manually:

  1. Click the Classrooms menu item
  2. If the classroom to which you want to add the student is listed, click on it. If not, click the New Classroom button and fill out the form
  3. On the left, click the Add Student button
  4. Fill out the students information (at least first and last name)
  5. If you plan on using the Invite Parent function, or the Student without Parent Information Form, leave the parent fields empty, scroll to the bottom and click Add. Alternatively, you may complete the information for up to 2 parents here, then click Add
  6. If you would like to invite the parent to add their own contact information, click the student’s name to view their page, then complete the Invite Parent form.

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