Can I copy an Event from one class to another?

ClassroomParent allows you to duplicate/copy an event you have already created, regardless of the date of that event, to the same item that it was attached to (class, grade, school) or to a different item. At this time, you cannot copy an event to a group.

Copying an event copies all of the associated volunteer opportunities, but does not copy the sign ups associated with those opportunities.

When you make the copy you can change the date/time that the event starts. This will adjust the date/time that the event ends accordingly, and will do the same for all of the volunteer opportunities.

To copy an event, do the following:

  1. Go to the item (class, grade, school, group) that the event was originally created in.
  2. If the event is not displaying in the list of upcoming events for that item, use the Search function to find it.
  3. Click the paper icon (with the folded corner) to reveal the event details.
  4. Click the “Copy this event” link
  5. On the Copy Event page, do the following:
    1. Select the year to which you want to copy an event. This will allow you to copy an event from a grade/classroom in one your, to the same or different grade/classroom in the next year. When copying to a school you don’t need to change the year.
    2. Select whether you want to copy the event to be listed as a whole school event, or as an event associated with a particular class/grade. You will not be able to copy the event to an item that you don’t have permission to create events in.
    3. Select the date/time that the new event should use as the event start.
    4. Click the Copy Event button

If there were any issues with the information you provided, error messages will be displayed, so you can correct your entries and re-submit.

Once you have successfully copied the event, the Copy Event form will redisplay do you can conveniently copy the event again (a great time savor if you have to copy the event to multiple items).