Once our school has agreed to use ClassroomParent, what are the next steps to getting up and running?

ClassroomParent has made every effort to streamline the process of getting up and running. A portion of the process depends on how your school plans to implement ClassroomParent and whether or not you currently have name and address information in an electronic form.

Design your school’s look

Before worrying about data, you first need to decide on some other, stylistic matters.

  1. What url do you want your school to use? Each school is given a sub-domain (the first portion of a web address). On most sites, the sub-domain is ‘www’. For ClassroomParent, the sub-domain indicates the school. For example, Roland Park Elementary Middle School can be found at ‘rpems.classroomparent.com.’ Consider a short string of letters that will easily identify your school. This string must be unique across all schools using CP, so try to consider something that would be unlikely to be used by others school, preferably between 3 and 6 characters.
  2. What color header do you want to have displayed for your school? Each school can choose the banner color (the color band at the top of the page) that best signifies their school. This should be provided in an hexidecimal format (i.e. FFFFFF signifies white, 1D0E8F is a dark blue). You can use this site to browse colors. The fourth column is the hexidecimal value.
  3. What color do you want the lettering in the banner? To compliment the background color, you may also choose a color for the font in the text that is displayed in the banner. You can use the same site as listed above to choose a font color, as it must also be provided in an hexidecimal value. Please consider a color that will contrast with the background color. If the two are too similar, it may be hard to read the words.
  4. Do you want to display a logo? There are two types of logos.
    1. One that sits to the left of the school name. This should be 82px high, and up to 100px wide. The image should be a jpeg, gif, or png file and should either have the same background color as your chosen header background color, or should have a transparent background (png, gif).
    2. A logo that incorporates the school name. In this case, CP will not display the name of the school, and the logo should be 82px high and up to 284px wide. As with the smaller logo, the background color on the large logo should match the header background color, or should be transparent.

Getting your school information into CP

Next up, you can decide how you want to get your school’s information into ClassroomParent. Though everything can be entered manually, from grades, homerooms and teachers to students and parent contact information, it is often much more efficient to populate specially formatted spreadsheets that can then be imported.

There are two that get used to do the initial population of school information

  1. Teachers and Homerooms
  2. Students and Parents