Can I sign someone else up for a volunteer opportunity?

If you are a school admin in ClassroomParent, or the event coordinator (the person that added the event to the system), you can sign up others for volunteer opportunities associated with the event.

To do this, view the opportunity either from the main Volunteering page, or by going to the event’s volunteering page (to get there, view the event, click the “Add/Modify Volunteer Opportunities…” link, then click the Volunteering tab).

Click the “Sign Up” link beside the opportunity that you want to add a person to.

The page that displays allows you to sign up yourself or another parent/guardian of your children. It allows you to add select any parent, teacher or staff member from the school. To do so, enter their name in the provided field, then select them from the displayed list.

Once you have submitted the sign up, the person will be sent a confirmation email that they have been signed up for the opportunity. The email includes the details of the opportunity.

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