What does the Volunteering Messaging page do?

The Volunteering Messaging page allows you to send messages about the volunteer opportunities associated with an event.

You can choose whether to send to all of the parents associated with the event, just those that have not yet volunteered, or those that have volunteered.

To get to the Volunteering Messaging area, go to the page that the event was created on (i.e. 5th grade page if it is a 5th grade event, school events page if it is an event for the whole school, classroom page if it is an event just for a classroom, etc). Click the magnifying glass to view the event, then click the Add/Modify Volunteer Opportunities link. You will only see this link if you are a school admin, or you were the one that created the event.

You should now be viewing the page where you can create or modify volunteer opportunities. Click the Volunteering Messaging tab to view the Volunteering Messaging page.

To send a message, fill in the subject and message, and select whether to send to all parents associated with the event 1, only those that have not yet volunteered, or those that have volunteered.

The email that gets sent from the Volunteering Messaging page will include the message you entered at its top along with a list of the volunteer opportunities that have not yet closed or been filled. You can repeatedly send messages from here to fill all the volunteer slots. The list of volunteer opportunities in the email includes links for parents to sign up.

1 When an event is created, it is associated with a particular area of the school, such as a classroom, grade, group, or the whole school. Therefore, parents associated with an event are those parents that are associated with the area of the school in which the event was created. So if an event was added to the 11th grade page, then the volunteering message will go to the parents of 11th grade students

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