How can I communicate my volunteer opportunities?

There are a few ways to communicate volunteer opportunities once you have added them to an event.

Send an Event Notification

The easiest way to notify parents/staff about an event is to click the email icon (Send Notification) beside the event. The email will list the volunteer opportunities, which parents can click to sign up for directly from the email, without having to log in. This is a great way to let parents know about a small number of volunteer needs associated with a a single event, like chaperons for a field trip.

Volunteer Messaging

You can also use the built in Volunteering Messaging feature, which you access from the event Volunteer area. This allows you to send a message to accompany the volunteer opportunities in an email, and also allows you to choose whether to send to all of the associated parents, or just those that have not yet volunteered. You can get more information on how to use the volunteering messaging feature here.

Sunday Newsletter

All upcoming events will be listed in the Sunday newsletter. Events that have open volunteer opportunities will have a “Volunteers Needed” link associated with it.

Finally, you can refer parents to the Volunteering page. You must be logged in to view this page, so be sure to instruct parents to login first when trying to access it.

For large volunteer efforts, you may want to use a combination of all three methods.