What is a volunteer opportunity?

A volunteer opportunity can be any type of need that the school or parent organization would like parents or community members to help with. This could be a couple of chaperons for a fifth grade field trip, or a few hundred volunteers for the annual spring fundraiser. In either case, you can add volunteer opportunities to the system and parents can sign up for them.

There are two types of volunteer opportunities: time and stuff. Time volunteer opportunities are requests for parents and community members to give their time to help in some school endeavor. Stuff volunteer opportunities ask for donations of materials.

All volunteer opportunities are associated with an event. So to add a volunteer opportunity, you must first add an event to the system, then you can volunteer opportunities to the event.

An important consideration is to whom the opportunity will be directed. For example, if you are looking for chaperons for a fifth grade field trip, you will want to add the opportunities to an event associated with the fifth grade (on the fifth grade’s page). If you are looking for volunteers for the school fundraiser, you will want to set up an event for the fundraiser in the school or parent organization events section.

In some cases, you may want to set up an event just for volunteers that is not associated with any other event in the school. For example, the school needs parents to help with recess. You can add an event called Recess Volunteers, and add the volunteer opportunities to it.

Be sure to read through all of the volunteer related help topics to understand exactly how they work.

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