How can I link an existing parent to another of their students/children?

When you add a parent to a student, the first thing that CP attempts to do is search for the parent, based on name and email address. If it finds a match, it will link the existing parent record to the student.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Go to the page of the student who needs to be linked to his/her parents
  • Click the Add new parent/guardian link
  • Fill in the first name, last name, and email address of one of the existing parents
  • Select whether the student lives with the parent.
  • Do not fill in any other fields. Do not select a Salutation
  • Click the Add Parent button

If the system is able to find a match, the parent will be linked to the student.

If the system was unable to find a match, the page will redisplay requesting you to fill in the remaining information (salutation, address, etc). If you are sure the parent is in CP already, check your spelling of the names and email and re-submit.

Once complete, you can add any additional parents using the same technique. The only difference will be that the address fields will automatically be filled in for subsequent parents based on the address of the first parent added.

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